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We have been passionate about Portuguese Water Dogs since 2003 when I adopted my first Portuguese Water Dog Jacques from the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, CA. We'll never know if he was actually a Portuguese Water Dog, but he looked like one and he introduced me to the PWD Community. We attended our first National Specialty in 2004 where we met PWDs from all over the world, and we were welcomed despite his uncertain origins. I bought my first purebred PWD puppy Willie in 2005.

Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions about the breed. We will occasionally have puppies to place in pet and performance homes.

Good physical and mental health, as well as breed type, are our primary objective for any litter. First and foremost, we want our puppies to be successful family pets and companions. We believe the temperament they were originally bred for should serve them well for working with people in many types of activities. My dogs and I are involved in agility, obedience, tracking, Portuguese Water Dog Water Trials and pet assisted therapy.

My dogs live in my home, not in a kennel, and the puppies will be whelped and raised in my home. They will be handled and socialized from the day they are born for as long as they live here. We will observe each puppy as it grows and develops, and when the puppies are seven weeks old they will be formally evaluated for temperament and structure. We will use this information to match puppies to a particular home and activity.

As wonderful as we think this breed is, a Portuguese Water Dog is not for everyone. Be sure to do your research about the breed. Visit several breeders and spend time with them and their dogs before you decide whether to get one.

Portuguese Water Dogs do have health concerns - please take the time to learn about them before you buy a puppy. The Resources page on our web site includes links to organizations that will help you with your research. We follow the breeding recommendations of the PWDCA, so the parents of our litters will be tested for known hereditary diseases. It's important for you to be aware that following the guidelines is not a guarantee that the puppies will be free of all health concerns.

Breeding dogs is a big committment and requires extensive knowledge of the breed and the foundation dogs in the pedigree. I couldn't do it without support from my friends, especially Heather Shilo of C-Lion PWDs and Sandra Saybolt of Glenllyn Kennels. Together they have more than 30 years experience breeding Portuguese Water Dogs and have produced more than 50 litters.